Welcome Miss Weldy!

We are happy to welcome Lisa Weldy to our administrative staff as Principal this year!  Ms. Weldy joins TCS by way of Green Bay, Wisconsin, where she taught for ten years.  Her main duties included History, Speech/Drama, and Bible.  She also enjoyed extracurriculars, such as coaching basketball and being the Student Council advisor.  Prior to teaching in Green Bay, she also taught overseas in Seoul, South Korea for six years.  Ms. Weldy has a BA and an MS degree from Bob Jones University, and in the coming months she will be completing her Masters in Teaching & Learning with a concentration in Educational Administration from Maranatha Baptist University.
While she grew up a Midwesterner in Decatur, Illinois, Ms. Weldy is excited to be back in the state of her birth where her family ministered for nine years in Decatur, Alabama.  Some of her hobbies/interests include basketball, biking, drawing, cats, Mt. Dew, M&Ms, playing the ukulele, and of course…Roll Tide!
The addition of Ms. Weldy will allow Mr. McBrayer to focus on providing strategic leadership for the school, achieving strategic goals as set by the School Board and Superintendent, representing the school in the community, and leading the administrative offices, faculty, and staff in carrying out the vision of the school.  His role will now be “Head of School.”
This addition to our administration has already been a blessing, and it will no doubt continue to pay dividends to the school as an added resource to both our teachers and our families.