Spring Fundraiser

This year we had to cancel the fundraiser we typically do each fall because of logistical issues with the fundraising company.  We are excited to say that we were able to work through those issues since then, and we are ready to have a Spring Fundraiser!
We are especially excited about this year’s fundraiser because it will help us upgrade our current security system.  The safety and security of our students, your children, is a top priority daily, and we always want to be proactive with preventative security measures.  A big step in that direction is this upgrade to our security cameras.  The new system will allow us to more than double the number of security cameras we have on the premises, including added some much needed cameras outdoors.
Our Fundraiser Kickoff will be on February 13th.  Students will bring home detailed information on that day.  The fundraiser will end on February 27th, and we are scheduled for delivery of all the sold items on April 2nd.  Each of these dates has been added to our school calendar as well.