Parent Alert

So what happened to SchoolCast anyway?
You may have noticed nothing was mentioned about SchoolCast at Orientation.  That’s because with our new system comes an upgraded alert system, and the best part is that there are no additional forms for you to fill out or another place you need to enter your contact information.  It is built into our current system and pulls from the information you provided as part of Enrollment.
The new alert system is called Parent Alert.  This is how we will quickly communicate information to our families on school closings, delayed openings, or other schedule changes and important information.  We are excited that FACTS gives us the ability to get in touch with our families more quickly and easier than before!
On Friday, August 16th, we will send a test alert at 12:00pm via text, email, and voice.  This is simply to test the system and to give you a chance to confirm you have your contact information entered correctly.  If you do not receive the messages, please let us know.
When receiving a text alert, you will know it is from the school because each will begin with “TCSALERT.”  The message will follow, and it will end with “STOP to end.”  If you reply with “STOP,” it will stop future alerts, but please know that this is not something we can later reverse for you.  It places a stop on the alerts with the phone company, so they would have to remove the stop.
When receiving an email alert, you will see the email come from Administrator Vance McBrayer.  There will be a subject line and a corresponding body to the email, along with our address and telephone number at the bottom.
When receiving a voice alert, you will receive a telephone call from the school, and the message will begin after you have answered.  You will have a chance to replay the message at the end if you missed any of the details.
If you have any questions about Parent Alert, please contact Mr. McBrayer.