Homecoming Dress Up Days 2020

The votes are in!  Here are the Dress Up Days for Homecoming 2020.
Monday 2/1
Pick you favorite color, and go overboard!  Shirt, pants, socks, shoes…the more the better!
Tuesday 2/2
 Country vs Country Club
Pick your sides of the tracks, and dress accordingly!  Will you wear the boots and buckles of the country, or will you adorn the fancy attire of the country club?
Wednesday 2/3
TCS becomes TCZ as we transform into a zoo for the day.  Dress as your favorite animal! 
Thursday 2/4

It’s a bird!  It’s a plane!  It is you dressed as your favorite superhero!


(Super powers not included)

Friday will be Spirit Day.  Dress in your Homecoming T-Shirt or favorite Torches gear!