Dough Ahead…Make My Day!

Our Spring Fundraiser is underway!  Students will be bringing home the Cookies Catalog today.  The Fundraiser runs to February 27th.  Every student can earn awards from the Prize Sheet depending on the number of items sold.
In addition to those prizes, the Kindergarten class and the Elementary class that sells the most will win a pizza party for their class!
In addition to those items listed in the Prize Sheet, High School students can win individual prizes from the school based on what they sell.  The location and date of the Day-Trip Off Campus will be decided at a later date.
As a reminder, all the proceeds from this year’s Fundraiser will go to upgrading our security system here at the school.  We will be able to more than double the number of cameras we currently have, This will help us to provide an even safer environment for our students.
If you have any questions about the Fundraiser, please email Mr. Phillip Moore.