Nuggets Emergency!

When the school loses power during the day, the first thought is always towards the safety of our students.  A close second thought, however, is how to feed all the students who ordered a lunch if the power does not return.
We knew if the power did not return by a certain time, we would not be able to have lunch ready for the students.  Inspired by Jesus’s feeding of the multitude, we attempted our own little food miracle – call Chick-fil-A and see if they could get 800 nuggets to us before lunch.
Less than an hour later, they delivered not just the 800 nuggets we ordered, but they donated a 5th tray for a total of 1,000 nuggets.  What a blessing!. 
We recognize that nuggets can cost a little more than what a student may order on a typical day, so we will not be charging anything to lunch accounts for those who need a lunch today.  We are just thankful to all those who came together to make this happen in such a short time.