Yearbook Snap

Wouldn’t it be cool if the pictures you take throughout the year could end up in the Yearbook?  They can!
If you would like any of your photos to be considered for the Yearbook, simply follow these steps.
1. Download the Yearbook Snap app.
2. Click “Submit photos for your school’s yearbook.”
3. Type “Tabernacle Christian School” in the search box, and choose our school from the list.
4. The access code you need to enter is “TCSphotos”.
5. Once signed in, it will take you back to the main screen where you can click “Submit Photos.”
6. Choose the appropriate category for your picture(s).  For example, you can choose “Homecoming” and submit all the awesome photos you took during that week!
7. Click the “+” button to choose which photos you would like to upload.
8. Click the upload symbol at the bottom of the screen (next to the + sign) to upload the photos.
9. Enter your information so we know who is sending the photos, and then click “Submit Photos.”
That’s it!  Share away!  We are excited to see what you have!