Who’s Who 2021

Our student body has voted, and here are the Who’s Who for 2021!  Congratulations to these students!
9th Grade
10th Grade
Most Athletic – Emma Stewart, Dee May
Most Creative – Shara Harbin, Erik Reid
Class Clown – Evan Swam
Best Christian Character – Molly Archer, Randale Williams
Most Athletic – Ashlyn Howard, Reed Chase
Most Creative – Evie Ramage, Victor Nguyen
Class Clown – Jonathan Sawyer
Best Christian Character – Gabi Daniel, Troy Box
11th Grade
12th Grade
Most Athletic – Morgan Arbitelle, Trae Andrews
Most Creative – Julia Sanders, Abel Sharpe
Class Clown – Maleah Chadwick, Baldwin Taylor
Best Christian Character – Breanna Kizzire, Christian Cleveland
Most Athletic – Gracie Howard
Most Likely to be a World Traveler – Cailey Barnett
Most Likely to be a Billionaire – Madilyn White
Most Likely to do Math as a Hobby – Lexi Spruill
Most Creative – Reese Bell
Friendliest – Chace Putman
Biggest Prankster – Logan Bartlett
Class Clown – Jacob Beasley
Most Unforgettable – Justin Sutterlin
Best Christian Character – Lindsey Hindman