Where are the Re-enrollment Packets?

If you have not yet received the paper Re-enrollment Packet in the mail, that is because we are not sending you one.
We are not sending anyone a Re-enrollment Packet.  But don’t worry!  It’s not you.  It’s us!
Next year, we will be switching from iNOW to FACTS, formerly known as RenWeb.  While iNOW has been great in many ways, it has also been the source of frustration for our Administration, for our teachers, and for our parents.  If you have ever tried to reset your password, you know what I mean.
Last summer we began to research other possibilities, and FACTS stood out among the rest.  We spoke to schools who have used FACTS for years.  We wanted to know why they switched to FACTS in the first place, and how they felt FACTS met their needs.  We asked what their favorite aspect of FACTS is, and inevitably each mentioned how much their parents loved it over their previous system.  That was enough for us to make the switch.
We have spent the better part of this year configuring the new system and training on all of its features.  The first feature we will be using will be online Enrollment and Application.  Instead of receiving a paper Re-enrollment Packet, you will instead receive an email inviting you to re-enroll online.  It will walk you through the process, step by step. At the end of re-enrolling, you will now pay Registration online through FACTS as well.  Each month, tuition will be paid online, as well as field trips, sports fees, testing, etc.  In this digital world, it is a change long coming and well welcomed.
These are but a few of the new changes about which we are excited for the upcoming year.  As we roll out new parts of the system, we will share with you more and more of the features FACTS has to offer. We hope you are excited as well, and we are confident you will find yourselves with all those other parents loving the convenience of this new system.