Update on School Closure

Governor Ivey has extended the physical closure of schools for the remainder of the year. All things considered, we believe it is best to do the same.
However, this does not mean that learning has to end! Each year when you enroll, we make a commitment to educate your child(ren) for the year. This is not a commitment we take lightly, and this hurdle will not stop that responsibility.
The work we prepared and sent home last week will still get us through next week on pace to finish for the year, so nothing will change through April 3rd. Continue to work on those assignments, and you will be ready to continue on Monday, April 6th with new material.
Over the past two weeks, we have been gathering resources available to us for effective distance learning in case we found ourselves in this position. Next week we will be working to put those things into an action plan for each department, each class, and each student. This will include online resources for older students with internet access at home, as well as paper packets for our younger students and those without home internet access. We will have the details finalized and communicated to each of you over the next week.
Our Administration is meeting tomorrow morning to discuss the non-classroom issues like graduation, spring sports, and the senior trip. We will communicate those changes next week as well.
This is uncharted waters for all of us. Our teachers will be preparing lessons and teaching in ways they have never done before. Students will be learning in a wholly different environment. But it is all navigable if we all work together and remember that the One who created these waters knows its depth and its breadth. This will be a time that defines us as Tabernacle, and knowing the commitment of our staff and the love of our families, I have no doubt we will end the year stronger together, with students prepared for the next step.
Thank you for your patience during these times. The love and understanding already shown by our families makes all the difference.