Teacher Spotlight – Lou Phillips

Lou Phillips
Mr. Lou Phillips joined us this year as our 5th grade teacher.  Mr. Phillips has taught for 16 years in Georgia and Alabama, coming to Tabernacle from Center Point Elementary.  He is a member of Unity Baptist Church in Kimberly where he has attended for three years, serving as a Sunday school teacher, in the nursery, and as an usher.
What is your favorite thing about teaching?  I get to share all the wonderful things about my Savior, now not hindered by rules that have limited what I could say in a public school.
Why did you become a teacher?  I struggled in school, so my heart and passion is to help students learn and grow.
When you aren’t teaching, what do you like to do?  I like music, movies, video games, and reading.  I also enjoy walking down in the pasture where I grew up.
What is something unique about you?  I am an Eagle Scout.
What is one thing you want the parents of your students to know?  I am always looking for what is best for my students.  It does not matter if it takes more time or extra work.  My students matter that much to me.