Summer Information for 2021-2022

I hope you all are having a great summer!  We are busy this summer implementing a lot of exciting changes, and we wanted to share those with you along the way.  Please take some time to read the following pertinent information.

High School Updates

We are busy switching things over to the new block scheduling for High School.  A full switch will take a couple of years, as we will need to double up on a few classes during the transition period to make sure students have all the classes they need for graduation.  New for the 2021-2022 school year will be an expanded Computer class that covers Office 365 essentials along with keyboarding, a Career Prep class, ACT Prep class, a College/Job Field Prep class, a Logic course, a Teen Leadership course, and an additional Bible Course called “Wise Up.”   2022-2023 will add a Rhetoric class and a Driver’s Ed course.

In addition to these new classes, several of our current classes are getting upgrades in the way of newer, more engaging curriculums.  This year we will implement new US and World History curriculums, a new Anatomy curriculum, a new Civics curriculum, and a new Dave Ramsey course on financial planning.  Each of these new curriculums are from publishers who write from a Biblical worldview, giving our students that Christian foundation for a great education.

We have also worked in setting our Honors classes for next year in grades 09-12.  A lot of work has gone into not only the creation of these classes, but in the selection of students whose ability, performance, and discipline indicate they are ready and will be successful in these Honors classes.   More details will follow later this Summer on these classes.



Below is the schedule for our Orientations this year. Attendance is required by at least one parent/guardian, as this is the best time to hear and see the final changes we have implemented for some grades, and it is the best time to hear from your child’s teachers about the year ahead. Please adhere to the dress and hair guidelines as stated in the Parent-Student Handbook, available online.

                Grades K3-K5     Orientation will begin at 8:30am on Thursday, August 05 in the Sanctuary.

                Grades 01-03      Orientation will begin at 5:30pm on Thursday, August 05 in the Sanctuary.

                Grades 04-06      Orientation will begin at 7:00pm on Thursday, August 05 in the Sanctuary.

                Grades 07-12      Orientation will begin at 8:30am on Friday, August 06 in the Sanctuary.


First Day of School

As you have probably already seen on our online calendar, school for Grades K3-12 will begin on Monday, August 09.  K3-K5 will dismiss at the normal time that week.  Grades 01-06 will dismiss at 1:30pm for the first week of school and will dismiss at 3:00pm for the remainder of the year.  Grades 07-12 will dismiss at 2:00pm for the first week of school and will dismiss at 3:05pm the remainder of the school year.


Tuition & Fees

The first payment for Books & Fees was due by June 15.  If you have not paid that already, please do so as soon as possible.  The second payment is due by July 15.  The first tuition payment is due by either August 05 or August 20, depending on which you date you chose during enrollment.  All payments should be made online through the Family Portal.


Forms Required in the Office

Church/School Enrollment Forms 

Parents are required by state law to register with their local county Board of Education each year, indicating that their child is attending a private school.  The parents of children in grades 01-12 must send this form to their local Board of Education.  One form per child is required.  The required forms can be found on our website.

Fill out all three sections and mail the entire form to the appropriate Board of Education.  If you reside in Blount County, please use the form labeled for Blount County.  All other counties will use the general form.

Medical Forms and Blue Immunization Forms

If you have not already submitted these forms, they must be turned into the office before the first day of school.   Your child will not be allowed to attend after September 01 without these forms on file.  If you are not sure if your child is up to date on his/her shots, please call the school office to see when your child’s immunization form expires.  For all students entering Grade 06, the Tdap is required.

Birth Certificates

We will need a copy of a birth certificate for every student to be kept on file.


After-School Childcare Services

After-School Care for Kindergarten and Elementary students will begin on Monday, August 09.  Parents planning on using this service will need to register their child at Orientation.


Student Parking

All students who drive must have a Student Parking Form on file that states vehicle policies, which requires a parent’s signature.  The students will need to purchase a Parking Permit.  The Parking Permit can be purchased for $10.00 from Mrs. Tonya Putman.   They must be clearly placed in the front windshield at all times.  Students who purchased a Parking Permit last year may use the same one.  However, the student will need to show his/her permit to Mrs. Putman and renew the permit for $5.00.



If a student forgets his/her lunch, a parent will be called to bring the lunch, or they can put money into the account via the Family Portal.  It is recommended that parents deposit money in their child’s account every 2 weeks or a month at a time.


School Supplies

Supply Packets are a part of the Registration Fee, so every student in Grades K3-06 will receive one.   The students will receive their supplies the first day of school.  The Supply List for additional supplies not provided can be found on our website.



All school and childcare payments will be made online through the Family Portal.  If you need help access the Family Portal, or if you have questions on how to pay online, please contact our office.

Enjoy the rest of the summer!