Spelling Bee 2020

This week each of our Elementary classes competed in Spelling Bees.  Congratulations to our top three from each class!
1st Place – Scotlyn Smith
2nd Place – Matthew Patmon
3rd Place – Reese Cantrell
1st Place – Emma Belcher
2nd Place – Lorelei Rainer
3rd Place – James McCann
1st Place – Madison Motes
2nd Place – Grayson Warnick
3rd Place – Jeslyn Elam
1st Place – Braden Conger
2nd Place – Addyson James
3rd Place – Macie Howard
1st Place – Addison McBrayer
2nd Place – Brinley Howard
3rd Place – Roman Harris
1st Place – Abbi Kyle
2nd Place – Allie Crull
3rd Place – Tanner Etheredge
On January 14th, the top 3 from Grades 04-06 will compete in a runoff to determine two students to represent our school in the ACEA Academic Competition on January 28-29th.  
Congratulations to these orthographers!