School Update 4/4/2020

Our plan to update our families on Friday regarding the remainder of the year was preempted by Kay Ivey’s Shelter-in-Place Order. We have met to discuss the details of that Order and its effects on school. Thankfully, the Governor has recognized educators as part of an essential operation for purposes of distance learning and education continuity plans [Section 2(j)]. This means that our students do not have to end the year short of that goal we had the first day we walked into the school in August.
We have spent the last week planning what distance learning will mean to our families and how it can function effectively. Our teachers have reached out to our families during this past week, and we were renewed by the level of support we were shown. As an Administrator who watched these teachers work harder than ever before, I was encouraged by how our families let our teachers know how much they were appreciated. Our families continue to be one of our biggest assets, and we will prayerfully continue to do everything we can to be an asset to you as well.
On Monday we will have the details of the remainder of the year finalized and communicated to our families. It will include when and where to turn in the work completed over the past three weeks, as well as how to pick up personal items still at the school. It will also include the general framework of what distance learning looks like going forward, with the individual teachers delivering the specifics for their classrooms. In the end, our teachers will have your child ready for the upcoming year.
Thank you for your patience during this unprecedented time. Know we are working hard to reward that patience.