Re-Enrollment Update

Tabernacle Family,
The best thing about online Enrollment is that Re-Enrollment no longer requires coming into the office.  You can still quickly and safely complete Re-Enrollment during this time.
We also realize, however, that the Registration Fee may be a hurdle for some right now.  For Re-Enrollment, we will defer the Registration Fee for any family in need.  This means the Registration Fee will not be due at the time Enrollment is submitted.  Instead, it will be billed as an incidental charge when we begin finalizing payment plans at the end of May.
If your family’s financial situation has changed and you need to defer your Registration payment, please take note of the following steps.
1.  Contact Mrs. Amber Peters at and request your Registration Fee to be deferred.
2.  Mrs. Amber will make the necessary changes to your account for the Registration Fee to be deferred.
3.  Mrs. Amber will notify you when the change has been made.
4.  You can then go online and complete Re-Enrollment.
There are four things to please consider for Re-Enrollment.
First, if your family’s financial situation has not changed, please do not defer the Registration Fee. The Registration Fee goes towards costs of the new year that are not delayed for us. We want to be able to accommodate our families in need, but our ability to do so depends on those who can still pay the Re-Enrollment Fee to do so.
Second, please be mindful that this is a deferred payment, not a waived payment. A few years ago we split the large Registration Fee we had into three parts in order to help our families during the Re-Enrollment month. Deferring this part of the payment will push it closer to the June 15 and July 15 payments.
Third, there is still the FACTS fee charges as part of setting up your payment plan. This is not within our control to waive or defer. However, that amount will not be due until after we finalize payment plans. We will wait until late May to begin doing that, effectively acting as a deferment for our families. We know some of our families like to pay tuition for the next year in full at tax season, so if you would like us to finalize your payment plan(s) sooner, please let us know, and we can accommodate that.
Lastly, Open Enrollment will still begin on April 1st, so it is imperative that you Re-Enroll before the end of the month to secure your spot in next year’s class. On April 1st, we will begin filling open seats with waiting applicants.
If you have any questions about Re-Enrollment, please contact either me or Mrs. Amber Peters. Further details about the rest of this school year will still be sent next week after we meet with teachers, faculty, and staff.