Parking Lot Repairs This Week

We are excited to be able to begin some repairs to our parking lot this week!  However, this will mean that we will need to work around parking and drop-off/pick-up for Childcare this week.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, July 27th, drop off for early morning Childcare will not change.  Repairs will not begin until after that time.  Once repairs have begun, the company will begin with thoroughly cleaning the parking lot, which will restrict driving/parking.  Parking for pick-up during the day will either be on our field across the street or up on the hill, depending on weather.  Parents/visitors can park there and walk to our building.  We will have everything marked to help with directions as much as possible. 

As we see the progress throughout the day, we will work to have pick-up as convenient as we can, especially for those with Infants or Toddlers.  We will continue to send updates each day throughout the week to give our parents the best information for drop off and pick up each day, depending on which areas of the parking lot are being worked on at that time.  The important thing will be to keep an eye out for updates, and call the office if you have any questions.

While this will be an inconvenience to some for this week, it will be improvements that will benefit us all for years to come.  Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding as we tackle these improvement plans for the school.