Invoicing Through FACTS

As we ready to move into Open Enrollment for the 2019-2020 school year, we are thankful to hear from so many of you on the new online system.  Overwhelmingly, parents are thankful to FINALLY be able to pay online, and we are glad to finally be able to offer that service.

We have spoken with a few parents who love being able to pay online but are hesitant with the idea of tuition being an auto-withdrawal.  We have listened, and we have spoken with FACTS about having an alternative. Parents may now choose to receive Invoices for tuition via email or post mail.  Payments will be made online through ParentsWeb or made directly to FACTS via mailed check or payment by phone. In order to have an Invoice Plan for tuition, parents will begin by completing online Re-Enrollment, including choosing a tuition payment plan.  This is what lets us know whether to invoice as a single payment or as 10-monthly payments.  It is also what will allow you to set up your account to pay other charges online throughout the year (sports fees, field trips, etc.), as well as how you will be able to add money to your child’s lunchroom account.  If you prefer to receive invoices for tuition, let us know after enrolling, and we will set up that payment plan for you.  Just send Amber Peters an email at If you choose invoicing, you will subsequently receive invoices for tuition beginning in August.  You can pay those immediately online through ParentsWeb.  You can also call FACTS directly to make a payment by phone.  If you prefer writing a check, you can mail that in to FACTS as well.  If choosing payment by check, just be sure to be mindful of the time it takes to traverse the mail system to ensure on-time payment. If you prefer to continue to have tuition paid automatically each month, there is nothing more you need to do.  You are ready to go upon enrolling! As always, we will remain able to work with our families who may experience hardships during the school year.  No matter which tuition plan you choose, or how you choose to pay, nothing will change our commitment to our families. Again, thank you all for your feedback during this process.  Change can sometimes be difficult, but with great parents, we have had a great process.