Homecoming 2020 Update

We were set to play Legacy tomorrow night for our Homecoming game.  Unfortunately, they have had to cancel.  But we will carry on!
Our Homecoming Court festivities will still begin at 5:30pm in the Gym.  All the times originally scheduled for those girls on the Homecoming Court will remain the same as well.
After we have crowned a Homecoming Queen, we will have an exhibition of skills performed by some of our basketball players.  We will have 5 contests in this skills challenge.
     The most free throws in 30 seconds
     Quickest time to compete a layup, a free-throw, and a 3-pointer
     Fastest dribble through a maze of obstacles
     A 3-point contest
     Quickest to hit a half-court shot
Once our players have completed these challenges, this is where you come in!  We will choose volunteers from the audience to compete in the same challenges.  If you can beat our best, you will win a gift card!
We are looking forward to the evening!