Exams – Spring 2021


Grades 07-12 FINAL EXAMS




MAY 24


MAY 25


MAY 26

Exam Session I:  8:00-9:20

Period 06

Period 04

Period 02

Check Out After Exam I:




Check In For Exam II:




Exam Session II:  9:40-11:00

Period 05

Period 03

Period 01



  • Casual Day Dress is permitted for exam days. Students in grades 07-12 will be dismissed at 11:00 a.m. on exam days and must be picked up no later than 11:30am.  This year there will be no special arrangements for students staying after 11:30am.
  • Students must stay for the entire exam session. Students may not leave the classroom during an exam except for emergencies.  If a student must leave the class, he/she should have a pass, and students should only be gone one at a time.
  • Regular school rules apply on exam days regarding discipline, respect, etc. Cell phones should not be brought into the classroom at all during exams, even if they are turned off.  All discipline issues will be sent immediately to Mr. McBrayer.
  • Students in grades 07-12 must check in at 9:30 a.m. if they do not have an exam during the first exam session. Students will check in at the front office and go directly to the classroom.  Students in grades 07-12 must check out at 9:20 a.m. if they do not have an exam during the second exam session.  Students should wait to be picked up on the porch of church.  At no time should a student be on the High School Hall during an exam time if they are not taking an exam.
  • Students will only be permitted to use the phone on exam days in case of an extreme emergency. Students will need to have informed parents of pick up times prior to exam days.
  • We will not have the cafeteria open for break time between exams. Students taking both exams in one day will move from one room to the other at 9:30 a.m.