Details for Picking up Materials 4/7/2020

We will have all materials ready for pickup tomorrow at 9:00am and 3:00pm. You may come at either time, so you can choose which fits best with your schedule. We will be taking every precaution we can to be safe, but that may mean a slower process than a normal pickup. Here is what you can do to help us speed things up.
1.  When you arrive, please go all the way down to the far end of the parking lot (near the dumpster) and turn back into the parking lot. We expect a lot of people at one time, and we need to be sure we can keep traffic from backing up onto Highway 31.
It would help greatly if you could print your name in bold print on a sheet of paper and have it in your windshield. Material is separated by family, so knowing which family you are at a quick glance will help tremendously. If you don’t have the ability to do this, that’s ok!
2.  Mrs. Earley will be stationed near the lunchroom adding a note with your name to the outside of your windshield. The more families that can be prepared beforehand, though, will help things be quicker.
3.  As you come around the front of the building, please pull into 3 separate lines like we do each normal afternoon. Mrs. Wooters will have a stop sign down towards the gym indicating how far for the first cars to pull up.
4.  Mrs. Harmon will be calling out family names as you pull through. We will have a crew of workers in masks and gloves ready to bring your material to your car. You will not not have to leave your vehicle.
5. Between trips to cars, we will have two teachers working to sanitize the gloves of the ones bringing the material to the cars.
6. Our staff will also be picking up the work from the last 3 weeks that students should have completed. Please bag these items and put your child’s name and grade on it. We will be sure it gets to his/her teacher so proper credit can be given.
We are looking forward to seeing everyone again, even if it is just through a windshield!