Congratulations Julia Sanders!

Congratulations to 8th grader Julia Sanders for having her poem selected a state winner!
Her poem has been sent to the American Association of Christian Schools in Chattanooga, Tennessee for national judging.  We should hear shortly on those results.
Here is Julia’s poem entitled Time.
If I could only go back
Turn the clock and lose track of time
To find a way to get out of this bind
If I could only go back
This day, this hour, this minute of mistake
I wish to erase it for my sake
If I could only go back
I could set it straight
Dissolve the error that made this fate
If I could only go back
Yet in this time of regret
The future is still not set
There is still hope
In which I can cope
Even if I can’t go back in time
Or take back my past crime
There is always tomorrow
Where there is yet no sorrow
I still have a chance to make amends
There is still a future that has no end