Christian Character Awards 2019-2020

While we were unable to have our full Honors Assembly, we did want to spotlight our Christian Character Award winners for the 2019-2020 school year.
These students showed more than good conduct throughout the year.  They exemplified Christ in their attitudes, in their hard work, and in their daily service to others.  We would like to congratulate and thank each of these students on their hard work and commitment to Christ.
Grade 01
James McCann
Grade 02a
Madison Motes
Grade 02a
Cam Miller
Grade 02b
Addyson Latham
Grade 03
Bryceton Wooters
Grade 04
Elexi Berryhill
Grade 05
Savannah Motes
Grade 06
Bryant James
Grade 07
Randale Williams
Grade 08
Gabi Daniel
Grade 09
Christian Cleveland
Grade 10
Chace Putman
Grade 11
Dena Graben
Grade 12
Emily Cox