Alabama College Application Week 2020

Each year, the Alabama College Application Campaign works with colleges to offer a week when those institutions waive their application fees.  This year, the Alabama College Application Week will be October 19-23.
During this week, Alabama students can apply to many in-state colleges, as well as several out-of-state colleges for free.  With the average college application fee at $44 in the US, this is a great opportunity for students to apply to several colleges in which they may be interested.  
You can find the Alabama Department of Education’s release concerning this event here.  Along with the list of colleges waiving their application fees, you can also find tips on college scholarships.
We encourage every senior to take advantage of this opportunity and apply to at least one college.  An application will not commit you to a school, but it will allow you to start a conversation with them about admissions and possible scholarship opportunities.

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