Biblical Worldview Retreat for Fall 2022

While TCS has always had its foundation in Biblical teachings, we have made changes/updates to our curriculum over the past few years to draw our focus even more to helping our students develop a Biblical worldview.   This has included adding new courses, adapting new curriculums, and making available new resources.

In continuation of that focus, on Thursday, August 25th, we are taking our entire high school (07-12) to Manderley Camp in Pikeville, Tennessee.  Manderley Camp is a ministry of Renewanation, a ministry dedicated to helping students develop a Biblical worldview.  While at the camp, students will hear from Jeff Keaton, the founder of Renewanation, as well as the Camp’s Director, Dave Sekura, who we had the honor to host this past year as our commencement speaker.

This overnight trip will be a combination of the Back-to-School Bash and the Back-to-School Revival we have had in the past.  The trip will include 5 meals and lodging for the night.  During the stay, we will have a time of fun, worship, and a great opportunity to set our focus on a Biblical worldview as we begin the year.  

As we get closer, we will provide more details for everyone.  We are excited for the impact this will have on our school for the upcoming year!