Basketball Game at Providence Classical 12/9

Tonight we have two away games at Providence Classical.  The Junior High boys will play at 6:00pm, and the Varsity boys will play at 7:00pm.
Providence Classical rents a gym from Clements Baptist Church for their games, They want to be good guests, so they have sent us a few requests to pass along to those planning to travel for the game.
Clements Baptist has a walking track in the gym.  Only 7th graders and older are allowed on the track.  No students, however, should sit on or use the workout equipment on the walking track.  That equipment is only for members of the facility.
Please do not run or play in the lobby area.  There are white tables in the lobby that can be used for eating, but only bottled water is allowed in the gym area.
The facilities manager has asked that we not use the game area on the premises.  Also, since they have to pay for the facility by the hour, they have asked that we exit the gym as quickly as we can after the game.
Thank you for your help in not just being good guests ourselves, but also in helping one of our fellow Christian schools be good guests as well.
Safe travels and Go Torches!