ACEA Academic Competition Winners

Congratulations to all our winners from this year’s ACEA Academic Competition!
Senior High
Lorelei Rainer
3rd Place, Third Grade English
Greyson Grimes
3rd Place, Third Grade History
Joshua Zelko
2nd Place, Third Grade Math
Cam Miller
3rd Place, Fourth Grade History
Bella Brady
2nd Place, Fourth Grade History
1st Place, Fourth Grade Science
John Murray
3rd Place, Fifth Grade History
Braden Conger
1st Place, Fifth Grade Math
Addison McBrayer
3rd Place, Sixth Grade English
3rd Place, Sixth Grade Math
3rd Place, Sixth Grade Science
Peyton Andrews
1st Place, Elementary Sword Drill
Emmah Williams
1st Place, Elementary Spelling Bee
Amelie Speakman
3rd Place, Elementary Spelling Bee
Maxim McCormick
2nd Place, Accounting
Jackson Hillis
2nd Place, Biology
Lizzy Lucas
1st Place, Biology
Jackson Parvin
2nd Place, Music Theory
Lexi Spruill
2nd Place, Physics
Julia Sanders
1st Place, Creative Writing (Poetry), with an Excellent Rating
Aubrey Janicke
1st Place, Creative Writing (Essay), with an Excellent Rating
Evie Ramage
2nd Place, Polychromatic Drawing, with an Excellent Rating
Abel Sharpe
1st Place, Sculpture, with a Superior Rating
Maleah Chadwick
3rd Place, Landscape & Architecture, with an Excellent Rating
3rd Place, People & Animals, with a Superior Rating