Secondary (grades 07-12)

The teen years is a special time of growth, both spiritually and academically. Habits, goals, dreams, and desires are established during these formative years. Because these years are crucial to character development, we believe a Bible-based education is imperative.  Self-discipline, patriotism, respect for authority, honesty, and dependability are emphasized, and subjects are taught from a Christian perspective.


Progress reports are sent home every three weeks.  These reports are an excellent means of keeping parents up to date on the student's academic progress. A variety of Christian curriculum and textbooks are used that will draw out the student's potential in each subject area.


In order to better meet the needs of all our students at Tabernacle Christian, three high school study levels are offered for graduation. The three tracks are the general study diploma, the academic diploma, and the advanced academic diploma.  Our desire is that every student seek to reach his highest level of achievement.  Included is a PDF of graduation requirements and the three levels of study.


Students in grades 07-12 will be given a national standardized achievement test (SAT10) each year to ascertain the academic progress they are making in school.


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