Our Mission & Vision

As a ministry of Gardendale Baptist Tabernacle, we feel a great responsibility in using the time God has given us in the lives of students.  We are humbled that God would allow us to influence young hearts and minds for His glory.  To keep us accountable and focused, our mission is what drives us to serve God and be effective.


Our mission at Tabernacle Christian is to teach Biblical truths, to share the plan of salvation, and to train students to draw closer to Christ, while providing a Bible-based, academically advanced education with quality programs.


Teaching and training students from a Christian perspective 5 days a week, 7 hours a day, in each subject is a remarkable avenue to point students to Christ.  These students are our future.  They will be our pastors, teachers, statesmen, and bankers.  We are committed to our parents to assist in raising up a generation that will do incredible things for God.  We are committed to our students to use the time wisely in preparing them spiritually, socially, and intellectually.  Above all, we are committed to our God in fulfilling His perfect will in our lives so that, in turn, we'll be the proper role models for our students.