Elementary (grades 01-06)

The student forms most of his/her basic beliefs, concepts, and life principles before he/she reaches the secondary level of education. At the Elementary school level, great emphasis is placed on the basic fundamentals of education. This begins with Bible class every day, a strong phonics program that continues past Kindergarten, and a math program using traditional methods.  A Beka Book is the primary curriculum used during the Elementary grades.


Homework, progress reports, report cards, concerned teachers, and informed parents are the rule at Tabernacle Christian School, not the exception.

Students in grades 01-06 enjoy the following enrichment classes on a weekly basis: art, music, library, and physical education.


It is our desire to train students to be diligent and to use their abilities to the fullest extent.  High expectations and effective, Biblical discipline are hallmarks of the Elementary program.  Tabernacle Christian School offers a proven educational program designed for the average student but producing above-average results.  This is all accomplished in a warm, caring, and Christian environment.


Elementary students will be given a national standardized achievement test (SAT10) each year to ascertain the academic progress they are making in school.


Elementary after-school is available from 3:00pm until 6:00pm.  For additional information on after-school care, please feel free to email the Childcare Director, Mrs. Cynthia White, or call the Childcare Office at 631-3906.



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