College Guidance


Realizing that Tabernacle Christian School students have many decisions to make following graduation, a plan is in place to assist students in grades 09-12 in planning for the future. The program endeavors to help students in all phases of self understanding and in the development of individual potential.  To find financial aid websites, scholarship applications, and more information about College financial opportunities, please click on this  Comprehensive Financial Aid link.  It is a pdf document that will be a great tool for parents.


Included below is a listing of information and websites that are available beginning in grade 09:


Grade 09

Is it too early to get started thinking about College as a Freshman?  Absolutely not!  Click on this Freshman link to see what you can do as a 9th grader to plan towards college!



Grade 10

The PLAN, an American College Test assessment, gives valuable information to students as they plan for the future. This testing program, geared for sophomores, includes an aptitude inventory, which measures student interest and suitability for different kinds of occupations. Several weeks after the test, a personalized report for each student is sent to the school. The reports, which include a listing of suggestions for possible occupations and college majors, are given and explained to the students. The parents are notified by letter of the nature of the test, the small fee charged, and the information that their child receives after taking the test. Click here on this Sophomore link to see how you should be planning for college.


Grade 11

The PSAT (Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test) is required of all juniors and is taken at Tabernacle Christian School. The PSAT prepares the junior for the SAT test taken the senior year. Taking this test prepares the student for the types of questions that will be found on the SAT.


The ACT (American College Test) is required of all juniors. The ACT measures academic proficiency for college and provides further information to help the student select a career and a college major. The ACT ( may be taken at various schools at specific times. 


-Click here on this Junior link to view the Path to College.  Are you behind schedule?


Grade 12

The SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) is required of all seniors. The test may be taken at various area schools at specific times. Colleges use the SAT ( test results to make decisions relative to admissions and placement. 


-Click here on this Senior link for your College Calendar of deadlines.