Tabernacle Christian School partners with parents to train each child up to glorify Christ.  Once the child has a relationship with Jesus Christ, it is the aim of our school to help the child grow intellectually through academic studies and to take steps socially that coincide with Biblical, moral values, to provide ample opportunities for physical and developmental growth, and to provide opportunities for the child to mature spiritually in their walk with Christ.

Tabernacle Christian School seeks to maintain a Bible-based, Christ-centered, and Spirit-controlled environment.  Tabernacle Christian School requires all faculty and staff to be Christians, followers of Christ, faithful to their local church, and sold out to God’s Word and His will for their lives. For the spiritual and moral growth of the student, Tabernacle Christian School believes:

  • That Christian education should aim at the heart as well as the intellect.
  • That the Bible is absolute. It is the ruler by which all things are measured.
  • That a Christ-centered education should emphasize the importance of salvation and point the student toward a growing relationship with Jesus Christ by the application of Biblical truths.
  • That the faculty and staff yield themselves to God's will so that they can be used of God in the lives of children.
  • That Christian education should reinforce the Biblical truths taught in the home and in church.
  • That Christian education should teach a Biblical worldview, which leads students to follow God's will for their lives and to make decisions in light of eternal values.